Electrical Engineering Projects

  • Sikhupe International Airport high tension (11kv) reticulation (5mva). 
  • Design and Supervision of the Public Service Pension fund building in Mbabane. 
  • Design of Township services (including electrical and street lights systems) for Thembelihle (Mbabane), Nkanini (Nhlangano), Matsapha, Tubungu, 
  • Mbabane and Manzini City Wide Sewage Schemes new Treatment Plants (electrical supply at 11kv). 
  • Thesavuma Starch Factory, new factory, infrastructure and housing near Siphofaneni (electrical design and supervision). 
  • Hlane Royal State House (electrical reticulation) 
  • Matsapha New Civic Centre (electrical reticulation and lighting) 
  • Veterinary hospital (electrical reticulation and area lighting) 
  • Manzini Roads (street lighting design for various roads). 
  • Moneni Township (high mast lighting design for Moneni Township. 
  • Nercha Offices (electrical reticulation and street lighting and lighting) 
  • Swaziland Building Society (electrical reticulation and generator installation). 
  • Swaziland National Provident Fund (generator installation for Mbabane and Manzini branch) 
  • Manzini Business Park (street lighting, lighting and electrical reticulation) 
  • Mbabane police (air-conditioning installation). 
  • University of Swaziland – Kwaluseni & Luyengo (electrical reticulation, lighting and air-conditioning installation 
  • Laguleka Township (electrical reticulation and street lighting) 
  • Treasury Deeds Office (refurbishment and electrical reticulation) 
  • Mbabane Police Station (electrical reticulation and air-conditioning installation). 
  • High School for the Deaf (electrical reticulation, air-conditiong and fire alams).


Bicon’s aim is to serve client with professionalism, integrity and independence of judgement, whilst at the same time positively contributing to the well-being of the community, and when involved in a project or application of technology, to do its best to ensure that the affected parties are identified, properly informed and consulted.


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