Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a dicipline that deals with designs, construction and maintainance of the physical and naturally built enviroment. It includes works like roads, bridges, canels, dams, as well as buildings.

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Project Management

Project Managment is the discipline of initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of an team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. our project management services cover many aspects of projects, which includes the design, management of resources, the managing of other Professionals, of keeping projects on time and within budget.

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Structural Engineering

Bicon Consulting Firm offers a complement of structural engineering services for the building, water resources and infustructure services. We have the experince to conduct structural assessments of existing structures and recomend upgrades to meet safety standards.

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Electrical Engineering

A successful utility requires proper, efficient and cost effective electricity supply. Bicon is able to offer a team that already has significant experience in the areas of expertise required to provide electrical services.
- Street-lighting design
- Electrical designs for factory shells
- Urban area electrical reticulation
- Rural area electrical reticulation...

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Bicon Consulting Engineers (South Africa) is a registered multidisciplinary company in the Republic of South Africa, and has a sister company Bicon Consulting Engineers Pty Ltd (Swaziland) ( ). Both companies have built up expertise in a number of projects in civil, structural, and electrical as well Project Management. The two companies have worked together and shared expertise in some substantial projects and such has made Bicon South Africa to expand its own expertise. Individuals within the firm have particular local experience in specialist fields, which include roads, infrastructure, townships, and contract management/administration. The company is playing a significant role in creating employment opportunities to the citizens of the Republic of South Africa.



Bicon’s aim is to serve client with professionalism, integrity and independence of judgement, whilst at the same time positively contributing to the well-being of the community, and when involved in a project or application of technology, to do its best to ensure that the affected parties are identified, properly informed and consulte


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